Will a defensive driving course lower my insurance premium?

Yes and No!

I have said it once, and I’ll have to say it again, but every insurance company is different.  Not only will the requirements vary, but the discount will vary as well.  The best advice I can give is to call your agent and discuss the option.


If you are trying to combat a rate increase due to a violation or accident with a defensive driving course, you might be out of luck.  Many carriers will accept the endorsement but may not give a discount if you have activity on your record.  Many insurance companies provide an option to purchase accident forgiveness, which comes at a fraction of the cost of the increase for not having it.  The national average suggests that the average person will be involved in an accident or ticket every eight years.

What courses will they accept?

I hate to sound like a broken record….but these can vary as well.  Safeco has partnered with Aceable, which is an app-based defensive driving course, and is giving a pretty wild discount! Simply go to https://www.aceable.com/safeco/ and get 30% off your purchase!

Why would Safeco go through all this?

Claims are expensive.  Some people think insurance companies love high rates because that means more money for them, but that isn’t necessarily the case.  The average cost per car with Safeco is $100-$150/month.  For $1,200/year they may offer a client 250,000/$500,000 in coverage.  A single accident that causes this kind of damage can cost 420 vehicles worth of premium.  Not to mention the increased cost of employees, or lawyers that are covered outside the limits of liability.

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