Homeowners policies, water losses, and water back up.

Most homeowners have little to no idea what their insurance policies cover and many of those homeowners base their decision on what policy to cover their home based on price, without knowing the implication of using price as the deciding factor on what policy will be used to protect their home.

Nothing brings the education of policy language and the importance of coverage than a claim.  By that time, it is too late, and “well that wasn’t explained to me” or “I didn’t know that” won’t afford coverage.  This is why having an agent focused on clients over their insurance company is critical.


About one in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage or freezing each year.              – Insurance Information Institute


Water damage is the second most common homeowners claim.  While many forms of water are not or have limited coverage by homeowners policies (flood, or seepage, for example). Since water backup is an optional coverage agent often do not educate their clients on its benefits because they know clients shop price over value.

68% of water back up claims cost more than $5,000.00

35% of water back up claims cost over $10,000.00

Facts + statistics: Homeowners and renters insurance, Insurance Information Institute


So how much is enough?  

Here are a few questions to help answer the question of how much coverage do you need?

  • Finished or unfinished basement
    • Imagine the cost to remove sewer water and replace the basement and contents.
      • Do you have a secondary garage or a massive entertainment suite?
    • Include flooring such as carpet, vinyl, hardwood.
    • Cabinets, bathrooms, and kitchen, how much would it cost to replace them.
    • Where is the HVAC and water heater?

Every client with TWG has at least $5,000.00 in the water back up coverage, no matter the home.  Should a basement come into play, we will often inspect or inquire with the above questions to get a better understand of how much coverage is enough.

Why TWG?

We believe insurance is a modern day miracle.  We also believe that no single insurance carrier is the best fit for everyone.  The choice of carriers allows us to place the right client with the right carrier.  It also allows us to step away from these carriers and put our clients first.

While we are located out of Marietta, Georgia, we are licensed throughout the state of Georgia!  Our mission is to help as many people as possible.  Sometimes that is by partnering with TWG and our carriers; sometimes it is with education.  With over a decades worth of on the ground claims adjusting, placing our selves independent of our carriers, and placing a strong emphasis on technology, education, we are changing the way people think about insurance!


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